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I wrote a script for some text manipulation, and want to add a function so that the first line of my input string is removed if it starts with the symbol '>'. I tried to find a solution for hours now, but I cannot get it to work: Somehow the first line is not removed properly.

My input text should be processed as it is if it looks like this: "HABHHIKKLLMMNMNIL" and the first line should be removed if it looks like this: "

>some text


My current solution would look like this:

// remove first line if starts with '>'

if (sequence_str.substring(0) === '>'){
    // break the textblock into an array of lines
    var lines = sequence_str.split('\n');
    // remove one line, starting at the first position
    // join the array back into a single string
    var sequence_str = lines.join('\n');

sequence_str = sequence_str.replace(/(\r\n|\n|\r)/gm,""); //remove linebreaks

I would appreciate any ideas, and I hope some could help me to figure out where the problem is.


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Why not just this?

sequence_str = sequence_str.replace(/^>.*/,'');

This will remove the first line if it starts with >. It will leave an empty line (the newline character is unaffected), but since you're later stripping all line-breaks, it doesn't matter.

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Thank you, sounds reasonable. However, I tried this before and it didn't work. Now, after I tried it again, it sill won't work. This is really strange. edit: i figured out that the problem is the if condition, for whatever reason it doest not recognize the ">" –  user2015601 Jan 28 '13 at 22:53
Found my error, see my answer below (I created a separate answer so the syntax is easier to read) –  user2015601 Jan 28 '13 at 23:05

just try this

"lines = lines.splice(0,1);"

instead of "lines.splice(0,1);"

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Thank you so much, I really like the short codes you suggested.

The error was that I used

if (sequence_str.substring(0) === '>')

where it should be

if (sequence_str.substring(0,1) === '>')

I am a JavaScript beginner and come from the Python corner, please excuse my stupid mistake

EDIT: If someone is interested to see how the end product looks like: http://bluewoodtree.zxq.net/crop_and_cleave.html

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You could use charAt(0) - I think that's what you were confusing it with ;) –  Niet the Dark Absol Jan 28 '13 at 23:30
Thanks, that's an even prettier solution! In python I was used to write it like this: if string[0] == ">": –  user2015601 Jan 29 '13 at 1:08

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