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I have NSMutableArray:

        userCoordinates = [[d objectForKey:@"geo"] objectForKey:@"coordinates"];


NSLog shows:


Then I need to convert this array to CllocationCoordinate2D to use it for create annotation. Sorry my english. Thanks.

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It seems that your array contains two NSString objects - to convert them to the appropriate floating-point numbers, use the doubleValue method of NSString:

double lat = [(NSString *)[userCoordinates objectAtIndex:0] doubleValue];
double lon = [(NSString *)[userCoordinates objectAtIndex:1] doubleValue];

CLLocationCoordinate2D coords = (CLLocationCoordinate2D){ lat, lon };
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Works fine! Thank you very much! – Stas Baranovskiy Jan 28 '13 at 20:13

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