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How can I find out how much memory my App is using from inside the app itself, using MonoTouch?

I basically want this:

Watching memory usage in iOS

which calls things like "task_info"

but for MonoTouch (it's OK if works only on iOS). I don't want a memory tool, like Instruments, etc, I just want to know the memory used from inside the App itself, so I can display it and be able to check it isn't too much in various field trials, etc.

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I see at least two options:

  • Copy the "task_info" code into a new Xcode project and create a static library out of it. Then you link with that static library in your MonoTouch project, and use a P/Invoke to call logMemUsage.

  • Translate all the "task_info" code into C# (using P/Invokes to call native methods whenever required).

I would likely go for the first option, I believe it's somewhat less error prone.

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Thanks, I'm hoping someone will do this for me ;) – Bbx Feb 21 '13 at 14:24
How about using GC.GetTotalMemory(). Is this a reasonable measure of the memory being used by an iOS app? It seems to give values a bit different to Instruments. – Bbx Mar 16 '13 at 18:35
@Bbx: GC.GetTotalMemory () will only report the managed memory used by Xamarin.iOS, it will not report any memory in use by iOS itself. – Rolf Bjarne Kvinge Mar 20 '13 at 12:54

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