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I have this code which creates two animated .gif files:

gifs = new DirectoryInfo(tempGifFiles);
GifFiles = gifs.GetFiles("radar*.gif");
for (int i = GifFiles.Length - 1; i >=0; i--)

gifs = new DirectoryInfo(tempGifFiles);
GifFiles = gifs.GetFiles("satellite*.gif");
for (int i = GifFiles.Length - 1; i >= 0; i--)

radar_animation.MakeGIF(myGifListRadar, @"d:\RadarGifAnimatoion.gif", 80, true);
satellite_animation.MakeGIF(myGifListSatellite, @"d:\SatelliteGifAnimatoion.gif", 80, true);

In the end I have on my hard disk two files: RadarGifAnimatoion.gif and SatelliteGifAnimatoion.gif. Now I want to create another regular image file like a bitmap or image type that will contain the two animated gif's each one on the a half. Maybe I need to create from the start one animated gif half and half for each animation.

The question is how can I do it ?

radar_animation is the class im using for the animation creation wich need a List of gif files and gif file name int time delay in ms and true/false for loop.

Do I have to create one gif animation with the animation class of the two animations somehow or there is another way to add the two animated files from the hard disk to a bitmap or image so when I open the bitmap/image file I will see the two animations each on a half side.

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A normal bitmap file (png, bmp, tiff, jpeg etc.) doesn't support animation by itself so you'd need to render the two gifs into a new gif file for the animations to be contained in a single file (just be aware of that if the color palettes of the two gifs are very different this will also affect the resulting file as the palette limit is 256 colors). –  Ken Fyrstenberg Jan 28 '13 at 21:32
I think I have the idea how to do it. To make two pictureBoxes on full screen each pictureBox on half of the screen. In each pictureBox I show the other animated file. Then I save from the screen each second the frames of the two animated pictureBoxes then I use my small program and create a new gif from the files on the hard disk. Is that logic ? I know today how to show animations in pictureBox so I will show tow animations and save the frames from the screen . –  Jhonatan Birdy Jan 28 '13 at 23:08

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