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Hi I am trying to represent a Modified-Preorder-Tree-Traversal as a Python structure I can then output to json as my current goal is to display the tree in jstree

Lets say I have a table as shown http://imrannazar.com/Modified-Preorder-Tree-Traversal (Each row also has a parent_id in my case) like so

    Node ID   Name       Left MPTT value     Right MPTT value       ParentID
     1       (Root)             1                 16                   -1
     2       Articles           2                 11                    1
     5       Fiction            3                 8                     2
     7       Fantasy            4                 5                     5
     8       Sci-fi             6                 7                     5
     6       Reference          9                 10                    2
     3       Portfolio          12                13                    1
     4       Contact            14                15                    1

The Json format for jstree is like

       "data" : "Root",
       "children" : [ 
               "children : [

How can I convert the above table to a Python format to output this json.

I thought about somehow using a nested dictionary as below

    class NestedDict(dict):
        def __missing__(self, key):
            return self.setdefault(key, NestedDict())

Not sure of the algorithm I need though.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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You should really try to do it yourself, show what you've done and where it doesn't work. But I had a few minutes free, so...

To parse the table, you can use the csv module. I'll leave that to you.

Probably not an optimal solution, but this will do it:

datain = (

def convert_to_json(data):
    node_index = dict()
    parent_index = dict()
    for node in data:
        node_index[node[0]] = node

    def process_node(index):
        result = { 'data' : node_index[index][1] }
        for node in parent_index.get(index,[]):
        return result

    node = process_node(1)
    return [node]


        'data': 'Root',
        'children': [
                'data': 'Articles',
                'children': [
                        'data': 'Fiction',
                        'children': [
                            { 'data': 'Fantasy' },
                            { 'data': 'Sci-fi' }
                    { 'data': 'Reference' }
            { 'data': 'Portfolio' },
            { 'data': 'Contact' }
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Thanks. I did try it for a lot longer than a few minutes. I was getting myself into a right muddle. Thanks –  user2019472 Jan 29 '13 at 0:38
In the end I modified it slightly to allow add siblings as well. I was originally trying a non recursive way which is why I was having trouble. If anyone has a non recursive solution I would love to see it out of curiosity. –  user2019472 Jan 29 '13 at 10:03

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