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I have a single line/multi column matrix, multiplied by a square matrix. SAS gives me a single line result. So far, from what I remember from college math, and asking people, okay.

But the line from SAS that does it is this one:

fieldA = matrix1`*matrix2[,1:fieldB]

while I understand "fieldA = matrix1`*matrix2", I have no idea what [,1:fieldB] does, and I can't seem to find any document that explains it.

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Curious, you asked stackoverflow.com/questions/14367141/… not that long ago - basically the same question just slightly differently phrased, no? –  Joe Jan 28 '13 at 22:09
they did came from the same problem. The "(edit)" part on that other question was posted before this one - I asked here since it was a different problem and did get any attention at all there... –  João Ciocca Apr 15 '13 at 5:57

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matrix2[,1:fieldB] is subsetting matrix2. It includes all rows of matrix2, and only those columns that are included in the list 1:fieldB. Presumably fieldB identifies the number of columns in matrix1 (which become rows when transposed) so the * works [matrix1' rows must equal matrix2 columns for the operation to be legal].

For example, imagine matrix1 is the following matrix:


and matrix2 is the following matrix:




is illegal - matrix1` has 3 rows (transposed) and matrix2 has 4 columns. So:


will now be legal, yielding the matrix product of matrix1` by the first 3 columns of matrix2.

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awesome Joe! thanks a lot =D –  João Ciocca Jan 29 '13 at 16:07

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