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How do you connect the "delegate" of the Picker Wheel to the interface? This seemed so simple in the tutorial, but in Xcode there is no "pickerview delegate" button I can use to drag to interface.

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You need to connect the delegate to the pickerView, even though there is no spesific button for it. Just right-click the orange square box beside your interface builder, and press down CTRL while you drag 'New referencing outlet' to the picker. When you drop the line on the picker, there will be an option to add pickerView delegate and datasource! :)

You will need to implement the delegates in your header file aswell, like this:

@interface MainViewController : UIViewController     <UIPickerViewDelegate,UIPickerViewDataSource>
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Thanks this fixed my problem, thanks to other people as well:) –  Sophia De Abbaneio Jan 28 '13 at 21:46
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Add your ViewController as a UIPickerViewDelegate and UIPickerViewDataSource like this:

@interface ViewController : UIViewController <UIPickerViewDelegate, UIPickerViewDataSource>

Those options should be there now.

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  1. Open your storyboard/xib file.
  2. Open the Inspector window (Right most button in the view sections here enter image description here

  3. Open the connections inspector (Right most button in this area at the top of the inspector window) enter image description here

  4. Drag from the circle next to the "delegate" entry to what you want to be the delegate enter image description here
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Select picker, right click on it. Then you see a menu — list with circles on the left side. Click and drag from circle opposite to delegate to the controller yellow icon.

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