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I have tried every combination of the below and nothing seems to work for VB5 or VB6 on Windows 8. Can anyone please help?

Run, "C:\Program Files XP\VB50\vb5.exe"
;Run, "C:\Program Files XP\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\VB6.EXE"
;SetTitleMatchMode 2
;WinWait Microsoft Visual Basic
WinWait, ahk_class wndclass_desked_gsk
WinMove, 200, 500

The app opens, but I cannot get it to move. I need to move VB5 to position 1920, 0 on my second monitor. But it won't respond to 200, 500.

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Is this using AutoHotkey? –  jac Jan 28 '13 at 22:45
are you sure the window is named Microsoft Visual Basic, maybe the spaces provide a problem? Another possible problem: when my VB starts it shows a dialog to show a new project. While that dialog is open i cannot move the window, so maybe WinMove can't move it either –  Hrqls Jan 29 '13 at 14:23

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