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I'm using a NSManaged object subclass that was generated by the core data GUI tool in XCode.

NSLog'ing the object reveals that it's properly instantiated and holding values... But if I try to use something like this:

[generatedSubClass committedValuesForKeys:nil]

I get back an empty dictionary.

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The docs state that committedValuesForKeys

Returns a dictionary of the last fetched or saved values of the receiver for the properties specified by the given keys.

It follows that the object you are messaging is not the last fetched or saved.

Also, note that committedValuesForKeys is an instance method, not a class method.

Thus, not [managedObjectSubclass committedValuesForKeys:nil]
but [aManagedObject committedValuesForKeys:nil]

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Is there an easy way of getting the keys and values then? Or do I have to resport to class_copyPropertyList()? –  Luke The Obscure Jan 29 '13 at 17:22
@LukeTheObscure, Core Data provides much better introspection than that-- try looking up the object's NSEntityDescription via the entity attribute. –  Tom Harrington Jan 29 '13 at 17:50
I ended up using this category, but beware that it will give you ALL properties, not just the interesting CoreData ones. gist.github.com/andrewsardone/553633 –  Kelly May 29 at 22:13
You definitely should have used Core Data standard introspection with NSEntityDescription –  Frizlab Jul 4 at 12:47

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