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I am currently thinking of a way to nicely structure my web project with mercurial. I was thinking of having two branches default (for development & testing) and release (the finished code which gets published). I would develop and test on the default branch until I have a stable application running. Then I would merge into the release branch. When I push the code to my central repository (on the server where my web application lives) I would want the code to be automatically published.

Is this the right way to go and if yes can this automatic publishing of the release branch be achieved with hooks?

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Have you considered the git-flow branching model? I would recommend it and also hgflow by yujiewu. The latter is an implementation of the git-flow idea for mercurial.

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Instead of a "release" branch, you should name it 'stable' as several projects do.

Do you use Continuous integration yet? Maybe, you should. In Jenkins, you could create a post-build step to publish the release if everything went well. It's better than a changegroup hook.

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