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Trying a whole bunch of different ways to get my elements to float (which all work in gmail etc) in hotmail.

< div class="plzfloat" id="floats" style="float:left"> #floats{float:left;} .plzfloat { float:left;}

I even added css rules for a class and id that would add the float rule but when I view it in hotmail all my floats have been stripped out of my email.

Been searching google but haven't had any luck finding sources saying float isn't supported by hotmail - anyone have any experience with this?

Cheers, Ian

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If you are doing emails, you are in a verry bad dirrection using inlined .css. For cross-browser, plateform, software email messaging, use plain html 4, no positioning, no css Otherwise, You're rife with everyday pox will FOR SURE become a headache. –  Milche Patern Jan 28 '13 at 22:21

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You can't code emails the same way as you do for web.

Here is a resource for starting out in HTML email: http://www.reachcustomersonline.com/how-to-code-html-email-newsletters-all-new-version/

It will get you started on the right path.

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If you are doing emails, you should use tables, tables, tables and tables for everything. This especially applies to clients developed by Microsoft.

Right aligning image for Outlook email

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I was able to get my divs to "float" by first defining a div container width forcing anything within the container to break once the width is filled. Within the container I then set-up child divs and set their style's to display: inline;.

This way they align next to each other but then automatically break at a particular width. I hope that helps!

I tested in outlook and it actually rendered.


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Yes Because of the simple fact that live is no longer good and not web supported.

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