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I am very new to Sitecore, and have to customize a Template for a MultiLine Entry to have different source (List of Items) depending on the Role of the Logged-In Admin. For example the site can have multiple different Admins and each one can add/remove data for a of the page section, so

The content for MultiList of Website-1 (Edited by Admin-1) will be different from Website-2(Edited by Admin-2). So the data for Admin-1 and Admin-2 is at the following locations:

Admin-1: sitecore/content/Data/Features/Admin-1
Admin-2: sitecore/content/Data/Features/Admin-2

Now for the Source part of the Template, I can enter the path for the data: ex-/sitecore/content/Data/Features/ and that will include all of the Items in that folder including both subfolders of "Admin-1" and "Admin-2", but what I really want is when the Admin-1 logs I want the list to be populated only with "Admin-1" content, and vice versa. Is that even possible? I am not sure what to do about that.

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You say Website-1 and Website-2, and then Admin-1 and Admin-2 and also talk about each admin having access to different data for the same item. Is this a multisite implementation within Sitecore? Should Admin-1 only have access to Website-1 and Admin-2 only have access to Website-2? If so then this is easy to implement, you need to change your data structure slightly though. – jammykam Jan 28 '13 at 22:31
Yes, Basically "MasterAdmin" (3rd user) should have the chance to modify both data, but "Admin-1" will ONLY change "Website-1" data and same thing with "Admin-2" and "Website-2". How can I accomplish this? – aminjam Jan 28 '13 at 22:35

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Ok, your question was a little ambiguous hence the reason I asked the question.

your data structure is currently a little incorrect in my opinion. I would set it up as follows:

---common (shared between both sites)

Now in your template set the datasource as:


This will restrict the options for your multilist to only items in the data folder of the current site. Obviously change @@templatename to whatever yours is.

As for the permissions, you should create 2 roles, Admin-1 and Admin-2. For both roles break the inheritance on /sitecore/content node and then give Admin-1 read/write/create/delete access on /sitecore/content/site-1 and Admin-2 the same on Site-2. Make sure you do this for roles. Then add the necessary users to those roles. If a specific user needs access to both sites then add them to both roles. Use /Security Tools/Security Editor.

I would not call the roles "admin" since that can lead to confusion between the Sitecore Admin setting. Instead, I would call it "Site1ContentEditer" and "Site2ContentEditer". If you introduce workflow this gives you the opportunity to follow the naming convention, e.g. Site1ContentApprover, Site1ContentPublisher etc.

I'm a little rushed right now, but let me know if you need more info.

EDIT: This should give you more info on multisite implementation: Building multisite solutions in Sitecore

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I see your point. I also like your solution better than my solution because it is setup to automatically handle the creation of new users and new sites since you're using a relative query. I've marked my answer to be deleted. – Barbosa Jan 29 '13 at 11:41
No problem. For the benefit of others, why you should break inheritance rather than deny permission:… – jammykam Jan 29 '13 at 14:34
That did the trick. Thanks. – aminjam Jan 29 '13 at 19:01

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