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I have the below resque job that produces a csv file and sends it to a mailer. I want to validate that the csv file has data so I do not email blank files. For some reason, when I write a method outside of the perform method, it will not work. For example, the below code will print invalid when I know the csv file has data on the first line. If I uncomment the line below ensure it works properly, however I want to extract this checking of the file into a separate method. Is this correct?

class ReportJob
  @queue = :report_job

def self.perform(application_id, current_user_id)
 user = User.find(current_user_id)
 client_application = Application.find(client_application_id)
 transactions = application.transactions
 file =["#{Rails.root}/tmp/", ".csv"]) do |csv|
     csv_file =
     csv_file << ["Application", "Price", "Tax"]
     transactions.each do |transaction|
       csv_file << [, transaction.price,]
    ReportJob.email_report(, csv_file)
    #ReportMailer.send_report(, csv_file).deliver

 def self.email_report(email, csv)
   array = csv.to_a
   if array[1].blank?
     puts "invalid"
     ReportMailer.send_report(email, csv).deliver

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You should invoke your method as such:

ReportJob.email_report(email, csv)

Otherwise, get rid of the self in:

def self.email_report(email, csv)
   # your implementation here.

and define your method as follows:

def email_report(email, csv)
  # your implementation.

This is something that we call Class Methods and Instance Methods.

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Thanks- I tried invoking it as you said and it seems that the block is finishing before the method has a chance to go through the file. I am wondering if this is something to do with the tempfile class? – BC00 Jan 28 '13 at 22:57

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