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In stuff.js:

function init() {
    return "works";  // just here to ensure we can access this file from the test

window.MyNamespace = {};

In my test JS file:

/// <reference path="../../../project1/Shared/sub1/Javascript/stuff.js" />
test("foo test", function () {
    equal(init(), "works", "couldn't access source JS file");
    ok(window, "couldn't access source JS file");
    var ns = window.MyNamespace;
    ok(ns, "namespace is bad");

I get namespace is bad when running the above test using Chutzpah Test Adapter. What am I doing wrong? Shouldn't qUnit/Chutzpah have run the code in stuff.js before trying to run the test?

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I missed this the first time around. Setting anything to the empty object works, but that reference still evaluates to false. That is why the ok assertion fails. I needed to do a more proper check for strictly undefined:

ok("ns" in window, "namespace is bad");

per the top answer here.

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