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I am writing a short application for exporting events to Google calendar. (Events are obtained from code processing information from my website.) However, when I click the button, the script I wrote is giving me a strange error. The error I get the first time I click the button is: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'setApiKey' of undefined. However, the second time I click the button without refreshing the page, the error disappears and the code runs perfectly.

Here is my code, as you can see I defined the api key before setting it:

var exportCalendarToGoogle = function() {
    var clientId = '';
    var scope = '';
    var apiKey = 'JDKLSFDIOP109321403AJSL';

    var withGApi = function() {
    var checkAuth = function() {
        gapi.auth.authorize({client_id: clientId, scope: scope, immediate: false}, handleAuthResult);

    var handleAuthResult = function(authResult) {
        if(authResult) {
            gapi.client.load("calendar", "v3", exportCalendar);
        } else {
            alert("Authentication failed: please enter correct login information.");
 //functions to format the calendar json input to Google calendar...
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Sounds like gapi has not been fully loaded

There are two callbacks:

1) In the URL to load the gapi code:

<script src=""></script>

2) You can also supply a callback function that will let you know when a specific API has loaded:

gapi.client.load('plus', 'v1', function() { console.log('loaded.'); });

I think your problem is 1)

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2 solved my problem thanks! – user11235 Jan 29 '13 at 16:04

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