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I am currently getting 404 errors on Google crawler.


There are user profiles under this domain structure:


but: www.domain.com/user is not a real page so it throws a 404 error.

www.domain.com/users exists.

So, is there a way to redirect people who type in www.domain.com/user to www.domain.com/users without affecting www.domain.com/user/username ?


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Yes, a RewriteRule with an expression that anchors the end of the URL at user with $ can be rewritten accordingly. The /? allows for an optional trailing /.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^user/?$ users [L,R=301]

The above will redirect the browser so the URL /users shows in the address bar. If you only want a silent internal rewrite, change [L,R=301] to [L].

If you don't want to invoke mod_rewrite, you can probably use a RedirectMatch instead.

RedirectMatch ^/user/?$ http://example.com/users
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