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How is correctly to do to get selected text from dropdownlist with using jQuery

This not work, may be because on the Rails(RoR)

$("#select_tag_id option:selected").text();

jquery 1.8

thanks in advance

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That should work assuming the element exists – Justin Bicknell Jan 28 '13 at 22:53
<script>$("#user_warning_email_balance option:selected").text(); </script> no work <select id="user_warning_email_balance" name="user[warning_email_balance]"><option value="5">5</option> <option value="10">10</option> <option value="15">15</option> <option value="20">20</option></select> – Andrey Zhuk Jan 28 '13 at 23:00
looks like your script is executing before your html is in the page. Try swapping the order, and wrap the call in a console.log and see if it shows up in the console – Justin Bicknell Jan 28 '13 at 23:04
It works - – Justin Bicknell Jan 28 '13 at 23:08
Thank you @Justin Bicknell and how to make that text dynamically updating on change select – Andrey Zhuk Jan 28 '13 at 23:16

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