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I tried but failed and need an expert help. In a .vimrc I have the following:

set tags=/sandbox/myNameIsSam/tags

This works just fine. Inside gvim, I can load the tags file and everything is awesome. However, I would like for each user to have their own project tags file. How and why is not important here. The below setting doesn't seem to do what I need. Can someone help?

let projectTagFile='/sandbox/'.$USERNAME.'/tags'
set tags=projectTagFile
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you should get username by $USER not $USERNAME

What is important is that in this particular case, you cannot use set to set this option because it only allows you to set it to a single literal value. However, with let, you can use Vimscript to obtain the value using a function, for example, or in your case, through concatenation (read more about about options here). Try this instead:

let &tags='/sandbox/'.$USER.'/tags'

To check if the tags was set correctly, you could execute:

:set tags?

Or, for the fully-qualified path:

:echo &tags
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USERNAME is the name of that particular environment variable on Windows. –  dash-tom-bang Jan 29 '13 at 3:19

I've always done something like

let tagfile = '/sandbox/' . $USERNAME . '/tags'
execute 'set tags=' . tagfile

but I now like @Kent's solution better. Doing it like that had never crossed my mind.

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