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I am capable with PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL, and not bad with Drupal. Very recently, I acquired a customer that wants me to do some SocialEngine 4.xxx customization. My customer is aware that I have no experience with SocialEngine, but am capable with the underlying technologies (I gave him a lower hourly rate because of this too.)

I'm not seeing very much online that is geared towards someone like me. Where can I read about modifying SocialEngine that assumes very little knowledge about SocialEngine, but a competency at programming?

For example, I spent a few hours today trying to figure out how to conditionally display a block based on a Membership Level. It appears there is no way to do this using the GUI. No problem, I found some code that seemed like I could get it to work that would grab the user's membership level. However, where do I put this? Honestly, I'd like to have this at the block-level. SocialEngine doesn't seem to allow me to place arbitrary PHP code into a block, and even if it did, would that be the "SocialEngine" way of doing this? Should all custom logic like this be a module in SocialEngine, that attaches to events using hooks?

Thank you very much for looking at my question,

-Brian J. Stinar-

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I've written a blog about accessing data through models, creating widgets and modules. You can find out about the general structure of Social Engine at http://garbtech.co.uk / http://socialenginetutorials.co.uk (both same blog)

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Thanks! I am totally done with the Social Engine project, but your blog post probably would have helped me! –  Brian Stinar Mar 11 '14 at 5:10

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