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I am converting an XNA poll-based input to an Observable-based input. Here, the GetPressedKeys() method returns an enumerable of enum Keys, every 20 milliseconds:

    pressed => true,
    pressed => Keyboard.GetState().GetPressedKeys(),
    pressed => pressed,
    pressed => TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(20),

My problem is that this is done for every subscriber. I understand that Rx uses lazy evaluation, but I would like to somehow restrict this hot observable to execute the GetPressedKeys() function only once per interval, even when there are more than one subscriber. Is this possible?

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Yes, you do this via Publish:

thatObservable = thatObservable.Publish().Refcount();
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Great, thanks (sorry for the slow accept) - for anyone else with a similar question, check out this link – AFG Jan 30 '13 at 19:54

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