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I am developing a web based analytical tool using php,Hadoop/Hive(single node Hadoop cluster-cloudera vm,8 CPU 4 GB RAM),Thrift API. Hive thrift API runs Hive queries sequentially which takes ample of time for execution. I am trying to use multithreading approach for these hive queries so they can execute parallely and save execution time.

I have changed default value of "mapred.tasktracker.map.tasks.maximum" to 20 and "mapred.tasktracker.reduce.tasks.maximum" to 20 in conf/mapred-site.xml file. I have also changed default value of "hive.exec.parallel" to true in conf/hive-site.xml.

I am able to run 4 hive queries parallely using PHP "curl_multi_exec" but it is taking infinite execution time for 5 parallel hive queries. After making previously mentioned changes I am still getting same result.

I am able to execute 4 queries parallely but not 5.

So, here what I am doing wrong? Why it is working perfectly for 4 parallel queries but not for 5 parallel queries? Do I need to make any other changes in configuration files?


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