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I am trying to develop a user input form where i take his details and store them in the form i have fields for his name, email, address, phone number etc. a person may have multiple emails or multiple phone numbers. he can add a field by clicking a button.

and then i want to store the data entered by the user in a shared preference.

i have a question:

how do i retrieve data from dynamically added extra fields by the user?
I have maintained a count for dynamically added fields for each field criteria (like email, phone etc)

 but i am stuck at the point where i am supposed to retrieve the data when i need to store them in Shared Preferences.

Please help! thankyou in advance.

Is it possible using something like ParentViewGroup.getChildCount() or something else?

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Sure, you can use getChildCount() and getChildAt() methods to retrieve child from a ViewGroup.

However, I think the better way is to save the references to the Views you added when you add them into the View hierarchy, and get data from these references.

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thankyou Henry. can you give a simple hint on 'how to save the references when i add them to view hierarchy?' – neerajdorle Jan 29 '13 at 1:40
can i use ArrayList? – neerajdorle Jan 29 '13 at 2:21

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