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What is the preferred way in Rails 3 to send back status to the user for a long running application?

TY, Fred

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It is advisable to perform lengthy tasks in a background process, and return from the main function as soon as possible / immediately.

Check out the answers for Ruby on Rails: How to run things in the background? and Background processing in Rails to know about some of the options for background processing with Rails.

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Have that long running application write it's status to a fixed location where it is readable by Rails. The status is usually of two forms, an ever increasing number in the range of 1 - 100, used for progress display, or a status, i.e. 'reading, processing, writing'.

Then you have to develop an AJAX controller action that will read that file. Create a corresponding javaScript file run when the AJAX action fires.

i.e. in app/controllers/some_controller.rb

def get_status
  @status ="#{Rails.root.to_s}/tmp/lrp_status.txt","rb") { |f| } 

Then in app/views/some/get_status.js.erb:

$('#my_status_div').html('<p> the status is <%= @status %></p>');

Then you have to set up some javascript using your preferred timer javascript thingy. The point here is to every (? 1 second), fire off that get_status AJAX call.

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I posted a somewhat simplified example, not taking into account there might be MULTIPLE processes running on behalf of different users. That's an esay mod if you're interested. – RadBrad Jan 29 '13 at 1:56

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