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Is there any way to trigger Webkit's autosave functionality from javascript? If not through a dedicated API, is there at least a way to accomplish the same functionality by manipulating cookies?

I really like the new "search" input type in HTML5 and want to give my Webkit-enabled users the benefit of easily recalling their past searches without the overhead of storing all those searches in my database (using the autosave functionality).

The problem I'm hitting is that the search terms seem to only get saved if the search input is encapsulated in a form and that form executes a standard POST on submit. Since my search input is being used to filter results that are already present it doesn't make much logical sense to completely reload the page, so I'm using AJAX to repopulate the results. The interface is all clean and consistent if I return false in my AJAX function, but this obviously doesn't trigger the form POST [by design] so the browser (at least Chrome) doesn't save the search term. Returning true refreshes the entire page, destroying my AJAX-injected content and the entire point of the filter, but the search term is saved.


<form id="filter-form" name="filter-form" action="#">
     <input type="search" name="filter" id="filter" results="5" autosave="EluminitePreviousFilters"/>
<div id="result-list"></div>


    var term = $('#filter').val();
        async: true,
        type: 'POST',
        url: '/Home/GetResults',
        data: {filter:term},
        success: function (returnData) {

    return false;
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