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i have a few keys that i prefer to force-bind to keys i'm familiar with, and so i have used this SO Solution .

but i have found recently that it breaks for me.

the circumstances: it works fine when running 24.2.1 in window mode as build 2012-08-27 on (i.e. the pre-build emacs-for-mac solution found at

but then it will not work when run in terminal on lion, which is 22.1.1 (mac-apple-darwin) of 2012-01-12 on .

if i comment out the call to add the hook, it works fine.

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This isn't a comment about this question, but I'm not sure how to get in touch with you otherwise--you left a comment on a question of mine that had a bounty, and your comment turned out to be the answer. Can you repost it as an answer so I can give you the bounty? If this is an inappropriate place to make this request, I apologize. –  Joel Derfner Feb 6 '13 at 16:52

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the problem is partly that i byte-compiled the code found at the other link above into a separate loadable .elc file … and did so with the newer version of emacs.

when i go back to the 22.1.1 version of emacs and byte-compile it with that version, it works in both versions of emacs without problems.

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