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What I like to do is compile a custom file to generate a C# file. I only need it to compile when its been changed but compiling everytime is ok.

When I looked around I kept finding reference to Custom Tool and found this pretty good article. I remember pre2010 I was able to have a build rule for extensions but it looks like that doesn't exist anymore? It allowed me to specify an extension and bin+args to run against when the file changed. Whats the closest thing to that? It looks like it no longer supported which is exactly what I want

Custom Tool requires me to mess around with registry, create a dll and requires VS SDK. Its way overkill for something I done with ease in the past.

How do I have visual studios run my exe to build a custom extension source file without going into overkill like custom tool above? Must work for C# project, C++ projects would be nice but not required.

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Have you looked at T4 Templates? – John Saunders Jan 29 '13 at 3:30
I would not recommend taking Single File Generator route but - as suggested by John - would use T4. – Pawel Jan 29 '13 at 5:50

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