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I have a Flex library, that is used in my Flex mobile or web app. If I run the app on iPad Simulator, Capabilities.os gives me Mac OS 10.7.5, so how can I tell (from the Flex library) if the current app is running on a simulator or real device or browser?

The one I'm using is:

    public static function isSimulator():Boolean
        return Capabilities.version.indexOf("IOS") >= 0 && Capabilities.os.indexOf("Mac OS") >= 0;

But I am not so confident with this.

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Didn't you just answer your own question? The simulator will return "MAC OS etc..." while running on an actual device will return 'iOS etc.." –  JeffryHouser Jan 29 '13 at 3:44
It seems there should be more robust solution. but I just cannot find. Only "Mac OS" won't work. A regular web application will also return it, so I added Capabilities.version.indexOf("IOS"), but still I feel it's awkward. –  Peter Lee Jan 29 '13 at 4:00
PErhaps you should clarify your question. You asked about how to tell the difference between running in a simulator and running on a real device; you didn't ask anything about running in a browser. –  JeffryHouser Jan 29 '13 at 13:26

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See Capabilities#isDebugger. I don't believe you can tell which device is being simulated, but it will tell you if you are in the Debugger or not.

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