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I am designing an iPhone app which needs the user to login to his/her Facebook account.

The app uses GAE (Google App Engine) as the background server (Python), so the problem now is that I don't know how GAE, iPhone and Facebook authentication works.

My guess is user logs in to FB from iPhone and will get an access_token, and then the iphone app sends the access_token to GAE so that GAE can recognize the user.

Is that correct? Or is there any tutorial about how to cooperate between these platforms?

I have checked out a open source called lean-engine but they do not have available source code for the iphone (only Android).

If possible please post source/github project!!!!

Thanks in advance!

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If you have not already found it, the Facebook Platform Python SDK covers what you want, but not exactly written for iPhone.

If your app can get an access_token then you would send it to the "oauth" example of the Facebook Platform Python SDK - to the file. You will need to alter the "class LoginHandler" code at least, by default, it is designed to get an access_token out of a cookie. You would just comment out all the cookie-related code and use the access_token from there which can be seen in the code.

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