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I'm trying to use the sample script included with Net::SNMPTrapd, but it is failing on a Socket routine. My code:

use Net::SNMPTrapd;

my $snmptrapd = Net::SNMPTrapd->new()
  or die "Error creating SNMPTrapd listener: ", Net::SNMPTrapd->error;

while (1) { 
    my $trap = $snmptrapd->get_trap();

    if ( !defined($trap) ) {
        printf "$0: %s\n", Net::SNMPTrapd->error;
        exit 1 
    } elsif ( $trap == 0 ) {

    if ( !defined( $trap->process_trap() ) ) {
        printf "$0: %s\n", Net::SNMPTrapd->error
    } else { 
        printf "%s\t%i\t%i\t%s\n",

When I run this and send a v2 trap to it from my Cisco router, it just dumps:

Undefined subroutine &Net::SNMPTrapd::pack_sockaddr_in called at /usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2/Net/SNMPTrapd.pm line 554.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

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use Socket qw(inet_ntoa AF_INET IPPROTO_TCP);

should be

use Socket qw(inet_ntoa AF_INET IPPROTO_TCP pack_sockaddr_in);



use Net::SNMPTrapd;


use Net::SNMPTrapd;
   *Net::SNMPTrapd::pack_sockaddr_in = \&Socket::pack_sockaddr_in
      if !defined(&Net::SNMPTrapd::pack_sockaddr_in);

This won't break even if the the module's author gets this fixed (after you mention it to him...)

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Perfect, thanks so much! –  Clayton Dukes Jan 29 '13 at 4:53

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