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When I try to store a byte array as a field of a domain class in a grails application, The resulting entry in the mongo database is the object id of the byte array instead of the BinData object which I expected.


class SimpleDomainClass {
    byte[] filed = ['d', 'w', 1, 5, 'r']

Results in the following in the Mongo DB:

{"field" : "[B@29edc561"}

I'd expect something more like:

{"field" : BinData(0,"blahblahblah")}

The mongo-java driver docs clearly state that this should be stored as a binary object and it is working for us on a similar project with similar configuration.

Does anyone have any idea what might be the issue here?

Library Versions:

  • Grails 2.1.0
  • plugins.mongodb=1.1.0.GA
  • mongo-java-driver 2.10.1
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You're absolutely right, documentation says that it should work. There's a bug GPMONGODB-265 in 1.1.0.GA mongodb plugin which produces arrays saving error.

The same issue discussed: Grails - Mongo: storing images as byte array

However since you use grails 2.1.0 you have a change to downgrade mongo gorm plugin to version 1.0.0.GA, arrays are saved correctly there.

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Thank you. I worked around the issue by encoding to a base 64 string. This is not ideal so I once I get a chance I will try downgrading the plugin. –  Donal Boyle Jan 30 '13 at 20:30

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