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I was wondering if there's a way (through the kinect SDK or otherwise) to be able to identify the voice of a person speaking to kinect. I already know how to use speech recognition commands via the SDK, but I was wondering if I can recognize the voice of the person so in code I'd know who's controlling the kinect. I need something to back up my application if facial recognition doesn't perform right.

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The Kinect SDK does not do anything for speech recognition. The SDK provides a hook to the microphone array, which is all the Kinect is for audio -- a microphone. All speech recognition events are handled by other applications or SDKs, such as the Microsoft Speech Platform.

If you wish to identify someone based on their voice, you will need to either:

  1. Pay for a 3rd party application that accepts speech samples and returns a best guess identification when spoken to.
  2. Write your own.

Either way, you're talking a lot of money (be it out of pocket, or time).

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