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I am facing errors in make file in CentOS 6.02 64 bit. I need to know what should be done to make the makefile workable. Any suggestion will be greatly helpful. My make file is pasted below: -



ALL = libpal.a

#all = $(ALL)

all: $(ALL)


            $(C++) -o $@ -c $(PROF) $(CFLAGS) $*.cpp


            $(C++) -o $@ -c $(PROF) $(CFLAGS) $*.cc


            $(CC) -o $@ -c $(PROF) $(CFLAGS) $*.c

top_srcdir = ..

OPENSSL_LIB_DIR = ../../ThirdPartyLibs/openssl-0.9.8e/include
BOOST_DIR = ../../ThirdPartyLibs/boost/stage/lib

BOOST_INCLUDE_DIR = ../../ThirdPartyLibs/boost

CC = gcc

C++ = g++

CCOPT = -Os -Wall -Wno-deprecated

CCOPT_DEBUG = -Wall -g -Wno-deprecated


STATIC = -static


 -I./Headers \

 -I$(top_srcdir)/PAL/Headers \

 -I$(top_srcdir)/BaseMulti/Headers \

 -I$(top_srcdir)/NetworkMulti/Headers \

 -I$(top_srcdir)/RTP/Headers \




    -L$(BOOST_DIR) \




SHLIB_LD       = gcc -shared

#The previous line had "gcc" instead of "frv-uclinux-gcc"






OBJ_CC = \

    ./Sources/PALsystime.o \

    ./Sources/PALdebug.o \

    ./Sources/PALdebuglog.o \

    ./Sources/PALthread.o \

    ./Sources/PALcritsec.o \

    ./Sources/PALprofiler.o \

    ./Sources/PALserializable.o \

    ./Sources/PALinet.o \

    ./Sources/PALnetwork.o \

    ./Sources/PALsocket.o \

    ./Sources/PALlocalhostUdpEvent.o \

    ./Sources/PALpollarray.o \

    ./Sources/PALrandom.o \

OBJS = $(OBJ_C) $(OBJ_CC) 

SRCS = $(OBJ_C:.o=.c) $(

debug: DEFINE += -DDEBUG



debug: $(OBJS)

    ar crsu libpal_debug.a $(OBJS)

libpal.a: $(OBJS)

    ar crsu libpal.a $(OBJS)


    $(RM) ./Sources/*.o .depend* core

clean: cleandeps    

    $(RM) ./libpal.a ./libpal_debug.a

    $(RM) $(ALL)

And the resultant error is:

Makefile:34: *** missing separator.  Stop.
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You can find an explanation of this error in Appendix B Errors Generated by Make.

Every line in a recipe must begin with a tab character. The recipes starting with $(C++) and $(CC) near the top of your file do not seem to start with a tab character.

Additionally, the section

    -I./Headers \

seems to be missing a backslash after sys and that same section (and many more) have superfluous empty lines.

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And using remake -x is generally helpful to find such errors... – Basile Starynkevitch Jan 29 '13 at 6:03
changed that but still error. – Naseef Ur Rahman Jan 29 '13 at 7:03
Do you get the exact same error? If yes, which line exactly is line 34? By the way, you should remove some of the superfluous empty lines. Also, the line -I./usr/include/sys seems to miss a backslash and others have an extra backslash – Reinier Torenbeek Jan 29 '13 at 7:05
will u re write the command in exact form? – Naseef Ur Rahman Jan 29 '13 at 7:12
changed the backslashes but still same error. – Naseef Ur Rahman Jan 29 '13 at 7:15

Open your make file in vim rather than in editors like gedit. Every line in a recipe must begin with a tab character.

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+1 simple and direct. And of course I have my vim configured to tab with two spaces (0x20) instead of a tab. Had to look up an ASCII table to find the relevant control character (0x09, or ^I since 'I' is the 9th character in the alphabet). So for anyone else in a similar situation, an easy way to insert a tab in vim is via ^V^I (Ctrl-V, Ctrl-I) while in insert mode. Also, I have to ask who's brilliant idea it was to force you to use tabs. Even python isn't that strict with whitespace :P – Braden Best Jan 3 '14 at 8:01
@BradenBest make does not force you to use tabs, it is just the default character used to indicate the start of a recipe. If you do not like that, just set .RECIPEPREFIX to a different value. Of course, nobody will understand how to deal with your makefile anymore but you just force them to read the documentation :-). – Reinier Torenbeek Feb 26 at 6:08

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