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My C code is returning a pointer to the structure, this is how I have defined it in python

class CONTEXT(ctypes.Structure):
  _fields_ = [
                ("sockfd", ctypes.c_int), 
                ("eidSeq", ctypes.c_longlong)
# connect
# connect input and output parameter declaration
PY_connect.argtype = [ 
PY_connect.restype = [

But I am getting following error for the restype

TypeError: restype must be a type, a callable, or None

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Purely guessing here, but I would suggest that restype should just be a plain type, rather than the list of types which you currently have. –  DaveP Jan 29 '13 at 5:39

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As DaveP already correctly guessed in comments, restype must not be a list of types.

PY_connect.restype = ctypes.POINTER(CONTEXT)

Note also that argument types are set by the argtypes attribute, not argtype.

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you can use a function that defined in a dll file and port them to Python as an extension module, note that in this way your functions must be coded in C or C++, see this complete example: Python | accessing dll using ctypes

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