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Being new to Cake on PHP, I am trying to work out if I have a URL, what would be the easiest way to find the controller code for it?

The URL on my local machine is something like: http://foofoofoo.local/protected/admin/org/edit/1

I have worked out that the location of the view for this file is at this location on my machine: /var/www/MyApp/protected/app/views/org/admin_edit.ctp

I thought what I'd do is do a search throughout the entire codebase for anything referencing admin_edit.ctp. I found two entries, and changed them to see if I had found the point where the view is called, but despite changing the file name on these entries - the app still works when I visit the URL: http://foofoofoo.local/protected/admin/org/edit/1

I just want to see where the admin_edit.ctp file is being called within the site.

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It would be something like orgController.php in /app/Controller/, imo –  web-nomad Jan 29 '13 at 5:54
Thankyou @Pushpesh, I see an /app/controllers directory but nothing like orgController.php unfortunately. –  fakeguybrushthreepwood Jan 29 '13 at 6:14
Is there anything that may be redirecting requests to /org/ in your routes file? app/Config/routes.php for Cake 2.x and app/config/routes.php for Cake 1.3.x. –  penguin egg Jan 29 '13 at 6:52
I assume you have worked through the Blog tutorial? –  Jelmer Jan 29 '13 at 8:19

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URL: http://foofoofoo.local/protected/admin/org/edit/1

This means I can assume you have a added a route in your /app/Config/routes.php. Where this is pointing can not be said since we don't have access to this file.

Why can I assume you have added this to your routes? Because the posted URL is not matching the CakePHP Conventions which clearly states that controllers should be defined in plural. Since the URL will be accessing the Controller directly through the Controller, unless a route has been specified, I know that the OrgController does not exist. Why?

Try Inflector::pluralize('Org'). It will return 'Orgs' to you. And thus meaning the controller should be called OrgsController and you should be accessing this Controller via the following URL.


In this OrgsController there should be an action (function) called admin_edit(), because you have prepended the org with Admin, which is a prefix.

It can be possible that the /protected part, is part of the URL as well, but do not know where your main /App is located and what part of the URL is pointing to the /app/webroot/index.php file.

The Views can be found at /app/View/Orgs/*.ctp.

If you are still having trouble finding your files. Please start with the Blog tutorial written by the Cake Community. This tutorial describes all the neat built-in tricks and will get your first app running in no-time. Please read that first!

If you are still having trouble, feel free to update your question and add the /app/Config/routes.php file.

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Under Cake 1.3, if your application has an AppController (check if the file app/app_controller.php exists), you can put this code in the beforeFilter method:


It will print an array on your app pages when you are in debug mode, with the name of the controller and the action used.

  [controller] => controller_name
  [action] => action_name

If the AppController does not contain any beforeFilter method, you can just create it:

function beforeFilter()
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