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The application is like, you have a option to upload 5 images, and using those 5 images you can create a 3d View of that image.

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Creating a 3d view of the images, this tool uses the number of images and create a 3d view. –  Rahul Mendiratta Jan 29 '13 at 8:19
what 3d view is that? faces on a cube? detect features and compute the structure of the (same) 3d object in the photograph? Use as a background? You really need to stop assuming that we know what you're doing for StackOverflow to help –  Andrew Alcock Jan 29 '13 at 9:16

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Here I suppose with Automation, you really mean Testing of your applicaition.

For Automation, Monkey Runner is what I think might be the best option. As the official documentation suggests,

The monkeyrunner tool is primarily designed to test applications and devices at the functional/framework level and for running unit test suites, but you are free to use it for other purposes.

Some other good options might be Robotium, Scirocco, testdroid and RoboElectric.

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