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Recently, phpmyadmin show this message at the top of my Records in database.

The description of this message is: "The number of records for InnoDB tables is not correct. phpMyAdmin uses a quick method to get the row count, and this method only returns an approximate count in the case of InnoDB tables. See $cfg['MaxExactCount'] for a way to modify those results, but this could have a serious impact on performance."

I would like to know will it further affect my database data if I ignore it? Or should I cleared my database and re-created those data?


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You can try to set the storage engine to "MyISAM" for your table in phpmyadmin, just check the operations tab and you will find the option.

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Thanks for your reply. My storage engine is "MyISAM". So is there anything else I can do? –  Student Jan 31 '13 at 7:24

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