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My Web Service returns xml.In OnInvoke method I have xml data it contains time and some text that are to be shown at given times on popup.

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As per Unsupported APIs of Background Agents, you can not use MessageBox from Schedule Agent.

The best solution to display a message from Schedule Agent is Toast Notification.

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Normal message box access is as follows

MessageBox.Show("Enter your  data here");

But i am not sure about the message box access while the app is in ideal.

But you can show a Toast message, while the app is in ideal also.

here the sample code to show a Toast message

 Microsoft.Phone.Shell.ShellToast toast = new Microsoft.Phone.Shell.ShellToast();
            toast.Content = "mydata";
            toast.Title = "title";
            toast.NavigationUri = new Uri("/LocationDealsPage.xaml", UriKind.Relative);
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You can make a message box according to your own design using user control. Then make an object of that control on your class where you want to use it. Make a popoup object and set control object as the child of pop up object.

UserControlName objectname = new UserControlName ();

PopUP popup = new PopUP();
popup.Child = objectname ;
popup.IsOpen = true;

I think it will help you.

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