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As of Hibernate Search 3.1.1, when one wanted to send an indexed entity to a JMS queue for further processing, in the onMessage() method of the processing MDB was enough to apply a cast to obtain the list of LuceneWork, e.g

List<LuceneWork> queue = (List<LuceneWork>) objectMessage.getObject();

But in version 4.2.0 this is no longer an option as objectMessage.getObject() returns a byte[].

How could I deserialize this byte[] into List<LuceneWork>?

I've inspected the message and saw that I have the value for JMSBackendQueueTask.INDEX_NAME_JMS_PROPERTY.

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You could extend AbstractJMSHibernateSearchController and have it deal with these details, or have a look at its source which contains:

indexName = objectMessage.getStringProperty(JmsBackendQueueTask.INDEX_NAME_JMS_PROPERTY);
indexManager = factory.getAllIndexesManager().getIndexManager(indexName);
if (indexManager == null) {
queue = indexManager.getSerializer().toLuceneWorks((byte[]) objectMessage.getObject());
indexManager.performOperations(queue, null);

Compared to older versions 3.x there are two main design differences to keep in mind:

  • The Serializer service is pluggable so it needs to be looked up
  • Each index (identified by name) can have an independent backend

The serialization is now performed (by default) using Apache Avro as newer Lucene classes are not Serializable.

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