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I'm using Selenium IDE to create my tests,I am testing a ticketing system ,in one of my case i want the total count of the new listed tickets,i tried commands like "storeAllLinks" ,"storeAllFields" but i didnt get the count i needed .is there any way to get the count,please help me out.

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The storeAllLinks and storeAllFields return arrays. You can use storeEval to run a .length with JavaScript on the array to count the number of items. Use the stored value as you wish, in this case I just write it out to the IDE console.

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,its not the total links count i needed but i need the list count, i solved that issue what i did is i have take the xpath count. command:storeXpathCount target://td[5] value:count command:echo target:count //td[5]--it is the xpath of the position –  Nikhil Surendran Feb 8 '13 at 5:03

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