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Related Post, but didn't help: Scoping issue when setting ngModel from a directive

EDIT: ngModel and component with isolated scope didn't work either.

I got the some problem but in a more complex way i guess. I want to write a pulldown that does not use any input for data saving. I'd rather have the ngModel to take care of it.


The jsFiddel example above shows a demo where the above discriped methods didn't work.

// this is what should work but doesn't

For some reason the scope of the ngModelController is a sibling of my scope. so it doesn't pass the changes back to the parent. at least all other sibling scopes behave as you'd expext. i.e. ng-change works in combination.

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Angularjs doesn't deal very well with direct bindings to primitive types.

If you change this line:

$scope.productId = 16;

to something like this:

$scope.selectedProduct = {
    id: 16

and change those references on the rest of the code, you should be able to overcome the issue.

jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/M2cL7/

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Thanks, I would have never guessed that. Saved me a sleepless nights. I reported this as issue here for all who want to know if that behavior will be fixed. –  Richi Burkhardt Jan 29 '13 at 16:10

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