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for start my work flow and persist that i use this code :

 public void StartAndUnloadInstance(Activity WorkflowName, IDictionary<string, object> **parameters**)
        sqlWorkflowInstanceStore = SetupSqlpersistenceStore();
        AutoResetEvent waitHandler = new AutoResetEvent(false);
        WorkflowApplication wfApp = new WorkflowApplication(WorkflowName,parameters);           
        wfApp.InstanceStore = sqlWorkflowInstanceStore;
        wfApp.PersistableIdle = (e) =>

                return PersistableIdleAction.Unload;
        wfApp.Unloaded = (e) =>

        wfApp.OnUnhandledException = (e) =>

                throw new Exception();



i pass argument value to work flow like this :

var cwobj = new Dictionary<XName, object>();

        cwobj.Add("ContractorId", contractorId);
        cwobj.Add("OfferPrice", offerPrice);
        cwobj.Add("Description", description);
        cwobj.Add("RequestNumber", requestNumber);
        cwobj.Add("RequestTitle", requestTitle);
        cwobj.Add("ComponentId", componentId);

when i start work flow and persist that i get the value of all of my argument with WorkflowDataContext ,now i want send new value for arguments ,but i dont know why get me old argument value that persisted

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I can't understand your question but from what I can see you're not using WF4 properly, at all! That's not how you pass arguments to a workflow and that's not how you get output from it too. Google for some introduction/examples on WF4. And rephrase your question if you need more help. – Jota Jan 29 '13 at 20:55
i edit my question – reza ghasemi Jan 30 '13 at 13:39

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