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Need to know how to include tpl files and assign value to those tpl files.In this example

function addonexample_output($vars) {   
    $modulelink = $vars['modulelink'];
    $version = $vars['version'];
    $option1 = $vars['option1'];
    $option2 = $vars['option2'];
    $option3 = $vars['option3'];
    $option4 = $vars['option4'];
    $option5 = $vars['option5'];
    $LANG = $vars['_lang'];

    echo '<p>'.$LANG['intro'].'</p>


output is echo, but I need to include tpl files and assign values from _output function.

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You should check the following documentation: . Does it help? – hek2mgl Jan 29 '13 at 9:03
Thanks for reply but this is an article for order forms tpl files, I need how to include tpl files when we create addon module inside _output function. – Saket B Jan 29 '13 at 9:33

Including .tpl files is used as a sentence like this:

{include file="$template/tplfileuneed.tpl" title=$LANG.knowledgebasecategories}

This only works on the template folder.

Good luck!

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