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I need to know how I can install NodeJS multiple times on the same machine. I know about NVM but that only allows me to have 1 active version of node at once. I need to have these running concurrently.

Forever also need to be installed on each of these node installs.

I have no idea what I'm doing at all here. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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It's not OK to have one VM for each node version you need? – Riwels Jan 29 '13 at 10:03

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You could create multiple symbolic links to the install locations of your node versions:

e.g. install V1 like this:

cd /opt
tar zxf node-v0.8.17.tar.gz
cd node-v0.8.17
./configure --prefix=/opt/node-v0.8.17 && make install

then create the sym-link: e.g.:

cd /opt
ln -s node-v0.8.17 nodeV1

run this node installation with:


(repeat with different locations & sym-links for your other versions)

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I guess, you can try to use option "--prefix" when you will be install node js

./configure --prefix=/path/to/node_version
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