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I couldn't find a sample for MKLocalSearch so I've added one below.

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Support for iOS 6.1 is available in MonoTouch 6.0.10 (released last night, same day as iOS 6.1).

As stated in the release notes (see previous link) a new sample was added to show the new MapKit search features. It's available in the Xamarin's monotouch-samples at github.

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Thanks! Google didn't find it yet. –  hcris Jan 29 '13 at 16:29
MKLocalSearchRequest req=new MKLocalSearchRequest
  Region=new MKCoordinateRegion(map.CenterCoordinate, new MKCoordinateSpan(0.05, 0.05)), // ~50km radius

var localSearch=new MKLocalSearch(req);
localSearch.Start(delegate(MKLocalSearchResponse response, NSError error)
  if (error==null)
    foreach (var item in response.MapItems)
      var coord=item.IsCurrentLocation?map.UserLocation.Coordinate:item.Placemark.Coordinate;
      map.AddAnnotation(new MKPointAnnotation { Coordinate=coord, Title=item.Name });
  //else show error

map is your MKMapView, text is the location/business you want to search for.

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