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I have created a simple program in java:

public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException {
    while (true) 

If I run this on a Linux machine, it shows 100% CPU usage, but doesn't cause the OS to appear slow. However, if I run the exact same code on Windows, it only shows about 20% CPU usage.

I am using Oracle JRE on Windows and OpenJDK 6 on Linux.

I'm wondering if Windows' scheduler preempt threads randomly and Linux's doesn't?

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It is depend upon Operating System Task Scheduling. –  Subhrajyoti Majumder Jan 29 '13 at 9:07
how many cores do you have? Windows task manager report 100% when ALL cores are busy. Does your linux tool do something similar, or does it report 100% for 1 core's worth of work, and when all cores are busy, it's 100*N cores %? –  yiding Jan 29 '13 at 9:08
I have 4 cores and on linux I use system monitor tool –  Maniek Jan 29 '13 at 9:10
@Quoi Not really. If that program is all that is running, then the thread will run without interruption on both Windows and Linux. –  David Heffernan Jan 29 '13 at 9:26

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By default, top on Linux runs with IRIX mode on (hit shift-I to toggle). With IRIX mode on, on e.g. a 4 core system, top will show 1 fully utilized core as 100%, and 4 cores as 400%. With IRIX mode off, it shows 1 core as 25% and 4 cores as 100%.

The Windows task manager is the same as top with irix mode off.

In other words, by default on a 4 core system, Linux will show an infinite loop as ~100% and Windows will show it as ~25%, so there's likely no difference.

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+1 very good answer. –  Peter Lawrey Jan 29 '13 at 9:27
+1 problem solved. Thank you :) –  Maniek Jan 29 '13 at 9:29
Yup - on a '4+4' i7, (hyperthreading), one trivial CPU loop comes out at about 17-18%. –  Martin James Jan 29 '13 at 12:55
@uDaY, because there is a max of 200 rep a day, any upvotes after that are not counted, accepted anwers still will be. –  sa_ddam213 Jan 30 '13 at 1:38
@thatotherguy When exactly to hit shift-I to toggle ? While top is running ? –  Geek Jan 30 '13 at 4:18

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