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Recently, I'm learning the PHP with CodeIgniter Framework. I am working on exception handling but one thing astonished me that exception handling does not work with database error when there is db_debug = TRUE in database.php setting.

If db_debug = FALSE, I can throw and catch the error but when it's TRUE, it directly displays the page with database error.

Here is my code :

In Model :

    if (strpos($this->db->_error_message(),'constraint_name') !== FALSE)
        throw new UniqueConstraintException($this->db->_error_message()); // UniqueConstraintException is customized excpetion

In Controller :

             //calling the method from model having above code
        catch(UniqueConstraintException $ex)
              echo "There is already item with same item name";
        catch(Exception $ex)
             echo $ex->getMessage();

Can I implement exception handling on database error even if there is db_debug = TRUE setting?

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The CodeIgniter guys don't know anything about oop. When you look into the code, you'll find things like this a million times in the DB driver (don't know anything about DRY, either):

if (<some condition>) {
    if ($this->db_debug) {
        log_message('error', 'Invalid query: '.$sql);
        return $this->display_error('db_invalid_query');
    return FALSE;

So no, you cannot disable this "feature". You could however extend the class CI_DB_driver to get rid of this problem, but due to the lack of DRY code you'll have to override nearly everything of this class...

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