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i am newbie in Magento and wants to learn Magento effectively. i know Maegnto is based on zendframe work. i have not worked in Zend framework before. Is it necessary to learn Zend Framework before learning Magento ??

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It is not necessarily required to learn the Zend Framework before. But it sure helps if you understand the general paradigm of Model View Controller (MVC) to get a better grasp of the system. While Magento relies heavily on the Zend Framework, it does things its own way in many aspects, so if you want to learn Magento, I would recommend diving right into learning Magento and learning Zend framework on the way where appropriate. Good in depth tutorials to get started as a developer are:

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It is important to know zend framework .I faced it.I knew nothing what was that code all about.So i learnt zend now feel better & comfortable with magento – Pratik C Joshi Nov 13 '14 at 9:30
It's important to learn Zend Framework before Magento to get better understanding while learn it. some libraries which I know extend from Zend Framework Library such as Varien_Db_Select, Varien_Db_Adapter_Mysqli, Varien_Http_Client, etc. – Joko Wandiro Jan 26 at 9:38


While it would be helpful, I've practically learnt Magento from not knowing anything beyond Python and C#. Programming knowledge and HTML/CSS knowledge is useful, but you don't need to know the in's and out's of the framework to be able to use it.

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