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I want to find C# in a string of c# code, with its parameters. Like in Visual C# as you type, in the intellisense you can find methods you've written inside the text area, I want to accomplish this basically. As the user is typing, and my intellisense pops up, I want to populate my intellisense with the new/edited methods that are in the textarea where the user is typing. Please suggest a good way to approach it, thanks!

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Commercial: Actipro SyntaxEditor - Windows Forms .NET Control

Free (quite basic): DIY Intellisense

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No, I already built the intellisence and etc... I already know how to obtain methods and their parameters from dll/libraries. I need to know how to obtain methods and parameters from the text/string inside the textbox of my user. – mail_321 Sep 22 '09 at 3:36

Take a look at SharpDevelop . it's an open source IDE for C# and VB.Net and it has intellisence.

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I'm trying to use theirs, but its too difficult to implement. Maybe a pointer/heads up on how to implement? – mail_321 Sep 22 '09 at 4:33
Take a look at SharpDevelop\samples\CSharpCodeCompletion in the source code download. – Daniel Sep 22 '09 at 23:48

Sounds like what you want is a C# parser - you can try to use Irony, a parser builder:

Or you can use F# with fslex and fslex:

These may not do exactly what you want but could at least get you in the right direction.

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