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I want to know something like that. How to make a knowledgebase in perl expert system connect to the mysql database. But when i run this code it wrote mesomething like this:

Error message

Can't locate object method "new" via package 
"AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::KnowledgeBase" (perhaps you forgot  to load 
"AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::KnowledgeBase" ?) at a.pl line 27.

My code:

#!/xampp/perl/bin/perl -w
#use strict;
use warnings;
use AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced;
use AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::KnowledgeDB::Base;
use AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::Viewer::Base;
use DBI;
print "PERL TEST\n";

$database = "perldb";
$host = "localhost";
$port = "3306";
$user = "root";
$pw = "";
$dsn = "dbi:mysql:$database:$host:$port";

print "Trying to connect\n";
$connect = DBI->connect($dsn, $user, $pw) or die "Unable to connect: $DBI::errstr\n";

my $kdb = AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::KnowledgeDB::Base->new('base???',???);
my $kb = AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::KnowledgeBase->new();

Thanks for your advices.

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Looks like you've got most of it there. What's your question ? –  Brian Agnew Jan 29 '13 at 9:52
what i have to write there -> new('base???',???); –  Tomas Kocian Jan 29 '13 at 10:19
can't locate object method "new" via package "AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::KnowledgeDB" –  Tomas Kocian Jan 29 '13 at 10:22
I want to know how to create a new instance of knowledgebase –  Tomas Kocian Jan 29 '13 at 10:42
I read this: code attributes: rules, questions rules This hash has the rules contained in the knowledge database. It's populated when an instance of AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::KnowledgeDB::Base is created. TIP: There's no sense in filling this hash if you are going to be using a database engine such as MySQL, SQLite or others. The hash is useful if your knowledge database will remain in application memory. code and what i have to give there? only link to questions? Link to xml or? –  Tomas Kocian Jan 29 '13 at 10:47

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"All knowledge databases that AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced uses should extend from this class."

So you should not use this module directly, you should inherit it or use an already existing one like: http://metacpan.org/pod/AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::KnowledgeDB::YAML

To be able to store rules in mysql there are two possible ways:

1) Simple store the YAML in mysql as blob

2) Create a new module that stores the rules in mysql instead of yaml.

From this : "NOTE: Rewrite this method if you are not going to use the rules hash (eg, you will use a database engine)."

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