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I would like to implement a cron-like behaviour with my twisted application. I want to trigger a periodic call (let's say every week) but running at a precise time only, not when i start my application.

My use case is the following: my python application is started at any time in the week. I want the calls to be performed every monday at 8am. But I don't want to perorm active waiting (using a time.sleep()), i would like to use callLater to trigger the call next monday and then start a looping call from that date.

any idea/advice? thanks, J.

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If you are absolutely in love with cron-style specifiers, you could also consider using parse-crontab

Then your code looks basically like:

from crontab import CronTab
monday_morning = CronTab("0 8 * * 1")

def do_something():
    reactor.callLater(monday_morning.next(), do_something)
    # do whatever you want!

reactor.callLater(monday_morning.next(), do_something)
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Thanks, this is really what I need. –  Daniel Dai Jul 12 at 12:34

If I understood your question correctly you are thinking of first time execution of a scheduled task and how to supply initial start time for the app. If this is a case, you just need to calculate timedelta value in seconds to be passed to callLater.

import datetime
from twisted.internet import reactor

def cron_entry():
    full_weekseconds = 7*24*60*60
    print "I was called at a specified time, now you can add looping task with a full weekseconds frequency"

def get_seconds_till_next_event(isoweekday,hour,minute,second):
    now = datetime.datetime.now()
    full_weekseconds = 7*24*60*60
    schedule_weekseconds = ((((isoweekday*24)+hour)*60+minute)*60+second)

    if schedule_weekseconds > now_weekseconds:
        return schedule_weekseconds - now_weekseconds
        return  now_weekseconds - schedule_weekseconds + full_weekseconds

initial_execution_timedelta = get_seconds_till_next_event(3,2,25,1)
This gets a delta in seconds between now and next Wednesday -3, 02 hours, 25 minutes and 01 second
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I know its a bad practice not to use datetime.timedelta for these calculations, but i got stuck with a nice transfer of negative to positive values. pardon. –  jbreicis Jan 29 '13 at 10:50
hey, thanks a lot, I will try your solution and let you know if it works. Thanks a lot for helping me so quickly. –  user1151446 Jan 29 '13 at 10:51
You are welcome. –  jbreicis Jan 29 '13 at 11:01
hi again, i tried your method, it works great, thanks. However using parse-crontab is more compact, (see fmoo's answer above) –  user1151446 Feb 7 '13 at 8:21

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